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Organize Your Fabric

I store my sewing and quilting fabric in a china cabinet. The glass doors keep dust out, and at the same time, they let me see what’s inside. I love walking into my studio and seeing a rainbow of fabric. What I didn’t like, was how messy the fabric looked inside the cabinet.

I had originally wrapped the fabric around flat pieces of cardboard. That worked great at first…but overtime the cardboard got slouchy and bent. The fabric just looked sloppy.  I was embarrassed for my longarm customers to see my fabric in such a disorganized state.

Soooo….I got to organizing and here’s what it looks like now! All pretty and wonderful!

Folded Quilting Fabric Folded Quilting Fabric








I honestly enjoy folding fabric, it find it to help reduce stress. There is just something comforting about petting fabric!

Watch our YouTube video for step by step instructions to re-create this look at home.

Happy Folding! – Kat & Cali  🙂