Longarm Quilting

I love making quilts, and the quilting is by far, my favorite part of the process. I’ve always said that ‘the piecing’ is just something that I had to do in order to get to the “fun” part. The quilting! Trust me when I tell you, I love love love longarm quilting.

When you bring your quilt to me, I treat it just like I would one of my own, with love. All quilts are done
on my 26” Gammill Statler Stitcher. She sits on a 14’ frame so I can accommodate any size quilt.

I have over 800 longarm quilting patterns so you can choose the perfect design to enhance your quilt while meeting your budget. Pick your own thread color too! You can choose the just the right  shade to coordinate with your quilt. If you need help choosing a longarm quilting pattern I can suggest patterns that I think would work best with your quilt top. If over 800 patterns seems a bit overwhelming I am happy to narrow it down for you, and email you 3-5 longarm quilting patterns for you to choose from. I would choose 3-5 longarm quilting patterns that I think would enhance your quilt top and then you can pick the one that we use.

If you don’t see a longarm quilting pattern that you like, or you want one that uniquely matches your quilt, then I can
custom digitize one for you.  ($25 additional fee for custom digitizing)

I am located in Terrebonne, Oregon. You can either drop off your quilt to me or I can meet you someplace to pick it up. I also accept quilts by mail, so if you do not live locally I can still quilt for you…call or email me for shipping details. Call today for an appointment to drop off your quilt: 541-233-7421

Click HERE to see more photos of my longarm quilting!

Kat Longarm Quilting

Pricing for longarm quilting
(all pricing is per square inch,  unless otherwise noted)

*All over stippling is .014 cents.

*Edge to edge designs start at .016 cents (Denser patterns cost more. All patterns have
the prices listed so you will know how much the pattern will cost when you pick it out).

*Edge to Edge designs with borders start at .020 cents.

*Custom longarm quilting starts at .035 cents. (multiple blocks or pattern pieces)

*Thread charges:
Regular thread – $7.00 per quilt.
Varigated thread – $10.00 per quilt.
Multiple thread colors – $2.00 charge
per color change.

*Batting – Hobbs 80/20. The price is $10.00 per yard.

How to calculate pricing. If your quilt top is 60X60 and the design is .014 cents then:
60 X 60 X .014 = $50.40

Longarm Quilting

Longarm Quilting

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Longarm Quilting









Longarm Quilting











Other Longarm Quilting Services

*Embroidered quilt label – $15.00. Choose from 6 different quilt labels, personalized with your gift recpients name and your name. Also includes the date or year if you want.
(You provide the label fabric so that it matches your quilt, I’ll embroider the label. You sew it on after the quilting where ever you want it to go.)

*Pressing – $10 per quilt top/back

*Basting Service – .005 cents per inch. Do you want to quilt it yourself, but hate the basting process? No problem. I’ll machine baste your quilt for you, with rows of stitches that are approx. 4” apart.


Tips for Preparing Your Quilt for Longarm Quilting

*Press your quilt top and backing.

*Clip all loose threads.

*Make sure that the quilt back is at  least 4 inches longer on EACH side.

Example: if you quilt is 50X70 then your back should be 58X78
(add 8 inches to the width and the length)

*Remove all pins and needles.

*3D embellishments such as sequins, beads and crystals should be added after the quilting.