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Christmas is almost here….I guess I should put up my tree.

Christmas Tree

We have had a lot going on this December. I’m very grateful for all of it, but it’s left me with little to no time to decorate, let alone get shopping done.

Of course I’m still using this weekend to make some last minute gifts in my studio, so I realized I wouldn’t have time to put up our Christmas tree 🙁 Our tree is 8 feet tall, and takes up a lot of space. I takes me a few hours to decorate, and like I said takes up most of our foyer, so it’s hard to walk around, and it’s right in front of my studio door, where I need to be in order to make those last minute gifts. (usually I’m watching Christmas movies by now).

So I formulated a new plan….I got a small 4 foot tree pre-light that came in this cute vase base. And I decided to put it in our bedroom. Hey who says the tree needs to go in the main part of the house? My goal here was to keep this simple and elegant, and to be able to put the entire thing up in 45 min or less.

I put on some Christmas music, and got out the candy cane mesh ribbon! I used twist ties to attach the ribbon to the tree, and used it in place of garland. It takes up a lot of space on the tree, and fills the whole thing out so nicely. I cut the ribbon into 3 feet sections so that it was easier to work with and just wrapped it around the tree, starting at the top and working my way down. Every 6 inches or so I’d bunch it together and attach it to a branch with a twist tie.

Christmas Tree

I then added some small red bows all around the tree, and for the top…..Christmas Picks! Yup you read that correctly, I gathered up some Christmas Picks, bunched them together and zip tied them to the top of the tree! Easy peasy and it looks amazing. I feel like the entire tree looks like it came from a department store! I’m so happy with how it came out!

Tree Topper

Now that the tree is up, things look a little bit more festive….which means I’m off to start gift making! Better late than never I guess!

Christmas Tree

Happy Decorating Everyone!

-Kat 🙂