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You might be a quilter if….

Quilting Tutorial

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A few year ago my husband  was making fun of me for doodling free motion quilting designs in a notebook during a 2 hour car drive (and in the restaurant while we waited for our lunch). He said..and I quote:

“Hey Scribbles, am I gonna have to start bringing a coloring book and crayons with us when ever we go someplace?”

I started to tell him that I use PENCIL not crayons..when what he said really hit me. A coloring book!! What a fantastic idea! That will really force my brain to think differently when it comes to choosing designs for spaces. I went out and bought coloring books the very next day. (This was back before coloring books for adults we trendy, so I bought a child’s book)

To this day I’ll pull out a child’s coloring book and just doodle in it and all around the lines. Pretending that each black line is another color of fabric and I have to quilt in or around it. It’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Free Motion Quilting Practice

So next time you see a 40ish year old woman without kids doodling in a child’s coloring book. Don’t judge…she just might be a quilter.

Seriously, coloring books have helped me practice free motion designs for years, it’s a great way to learn “pathing” (taking a designs from one space to another) and it helps to doodle out your free motion designs before quilting them.

A nice set of colored pencils and a coloring book make excellent gifts for quilters.I prefer to use children’s coloring books, because they have more open spaces to doodle in. I like to practice my quilting designs in those open spaces, whereas adult coloring books have lots of fine lines and tiny spaces. They lack open white space to practice in. Adult coloring books are great if you want to actually color, and not work on pathing and designs.

Here are some of my favorite coloring items:  (click on the photo to view the product directly)

Happy doodling and quilting everyone!

-Kat  🙂

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Organize Your Fabric

I store my sewing and quilting fabric in a china cabinet. The glass doors keep dust out, and at the same time, they let me see what’s inside. I love walking into my studio and seeing a rainbow of fabric. What I didn’t like, was how messy the fabric looked inside the cabinet.

I had originally wrapped the fabric around flat pieces of cardboard. That worked great at first…but overtime the cardboard got slouchy and bent. The fabric just looked sloppy.  I was embarrassed for my longarm customers to see my fabric in such a disorganized state.

Soooo….I got to organizing and here’s what it looks like now! All pretty and wonderful!

Folded Quilting Fabric Folded Quilting Fabric








I honestly enjoy folding fabric, it find it to help reduce stress. There is just something comforting about petting fabric!

Watch our YouTube video for step by step instructions to re-create this look at home.

Happy Folding! – Kat & Cali  🙂Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

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Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Recently I had the pleasure of quilting a Double Wedding Ring Quilt for a customer. The more I worked on this quilt..the more I fell in love with it myself.

The amazing colors of the rings…..

double wedding ring quilt

The feathers that I quilted in the middle of each ring….

double wedding ring quilt

And each time I rolled the quilt and looked at the back….

double wedding ring quilt

 my heart was just sooo happy. It truely was hard to give this one back to my customer.

This amazing quilt is a wedding gift, and I’m sure the bride while cherish it for years to come. I wish I could see her face when she opens the box.

If you have a quilt top that will be a gift..give me call…I currently have openings in my schedule and would love to quilt your tops for you!

Happy Sewing!

-Kat  🙂Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

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Sisters Quilt Show – a look back to a few years past

The annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show will be here in just a few short months. Last year I only attended for a short amount of time and didn’t really take a lot of photos. So in honor of the show being so close, I thought it would be fun to re-visit this post from two years ago when I had a quilt displayed and meet all sorts of sewing stars!   Enjoy! – Kat

Today (Sat 7/9/16) was the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the’s the worlds largest outdoor quilt show, and I had a quilt displayed at the show this year so there was no way I was missing it. I had heard about this show long before I moved to OR, and for the past few summers my schedule just didn’t work out, but since I had a quilt at the show this year, I made sure that I was free. And I’m soooo glad that I did. (warning this post has lots of photos!)

The highlight of my day was meeting the sew-lebrities. I got to meet my quilting idol Angela Walters.

You can tell by the photo just how ecstatic I was to meet her. (I had tried to sign up for her class, but it filled up soo fast that I was unable to get a spot). She very sweet and nice and I’m still in awe that I got to meet her, she even gave me a hug and complimented me on my hair. I was in fan girl heaven. Just an amazing moment that meant so much to me, and I’m grateful that she took that few moments out of her day to stop and make my day.

Me and Angela!!!!!!

Next up, I got to meet Quilt Dad!! I’ve been following John Q. Adams on social media for a long time now….so I was incredibly happy to actually get to meet him in real life. He creates amazing quilts, and he’s a published quilt author!  He too was very nice and took a moment to chat with me. greatful that he stopped and took a photo with me.

Me and Quilt Dad!!!!!

And lastly, I met Rob Appell from Man Sewing! Rob does fantastic sewing and quilting tutorials online, and it was so cool to see his work in person, and to meet him. He also took a few moments to chat with me.  He has an great laugh, and fun energy just rolls off him. Thanks for photo Rob!!

Me and Rob in front of his quilt.

Now onto the quilts!! Sooo many cool, amazing, beautiful, wonderful quilts. It truly was great to be surrounded by all the quilts, so many like-minded folks & artists, and of course the mountains. Sisters really is the perfect setting for a quilt show.

My quilt was part of the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild special exhibit. Our exhibit was all about “cool colors”…and they looked fantastic all hung up in a group. It was definitely a “cool” moment to see my quilt hung up among all the other amazing works of art.

Me and My Quilt.
COMQG Cool Colors Exhibit.

And now just some random photos that I took while at the show. This years show had 1287 quilts!!! There were soo many gorgeous quilts that it’s impossible to photograph them here are the photos that I did take. They are in no particular order, just quilts that caught my eye and I had to have a photo of them for one reason or another. Some photos I took because I loved the colors, some I took because I loved the pattern, others because I loved the theme of the quilt. Some just took my breathe away and I wanted to be able to view them over and over again. My favorite part was seeing the quilts amidst nature. I loved seeing flowers in front of the quilts. Soo pretty.  Enjoy the photos!

The side of The Stitchin’ Post.
Too Adorable.
These were once vintage towels!
Flowers + Quilts = amazing
Some cool machine embroidery.
Log cabin Flag!!!